quinta-feira, 12 de setembro de 2013


Boa noite! :)

Já escutaram a nova música do Travie McCoy ? Em parceria com Jason Mraz, ficou demais! Eu amei. A letra é linda. Escutem só :

Travie McCoy (feat.Jason Mraz) - Rough Water
Loose lips sink ships that's what someone told me
But this boat will stay afloat for as long as you hold me
We've been through rough water
Anytime it was tougher
But the fact I came back to remind you I love ya
And if that's not enough
Well I can one up ya
I pinky promise touch thumbs I'll never make you suffer
And all I ask in return is some reciprocation
I'll be your oxygen when you're running out of patience
So take a deep breath, and hold it tight
My heart is yours just reassure me that you'll hold it right...

Beijos, TK.

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